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New Yorkers' Life Expectancy Reaches 80.6 Years, Higher Than National Rate - NYTimes.com

Somewhat old data, but good to know! 

“Today, newborn New Yorkers can expect to live longer, healthier lives than ever before,” Mr. Bloomberg said at a news conference in the maternity ward of Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.

Life expectancy for 40-year-olds in the city also increased, to 82 years in 2009 from 79.5 years in 2000, a gain of 2.5 years, compared with an increase of 1.2 years for the same age group nationwide. New Yorkers who are 70 saw their life expectancy increase 1.5 years, to 86.9, compared with 0.7 years, to 85.1, for the same age group nationwide.

“If you have friends and relatives that you deeply care about and they live elsewhere, on average if they move to New York City, they will live longer,” the mayor said.

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